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All-natural gel for women


VoluptaVolupta is a natural gel-like product with a wide range of prophylactic benefits for the entire organism. The cream formula is based on a discovery that was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1998.

gel voluptaThe cream is primarily intended for women. It intensifies and prolongs a woman’s orgasm, can successfully treat frigidity and give new sensations to both partners when having sex. While only 25% of women experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse, the number is different when Volupta is used and can be 65% or even more. The gel is applied about 10-25 minutes before having sex. It helps the woman achieve an orgasm sooner, making it more intense and long-lasting, therefore prolonging the period of sexual intercourse for the man. Volupta is a gel intended for those looking to get genuine pleasure when having sex.

efficiency of VoluptaIt has no side effects and is not known to form an addiction.

natural female sex enhancementAdditionally, Volupta is a wonderful therapeutic and prophylactic remedy for such diseases as mastopathy, cervical erosion, endometrial erosion, malignant formations and myomas, prostate cancer, prostatitis, adenoma, and cardiovascular diseases. It also helps with hemorrhoids, varix dilatation and certain kinds of male and female infertility.

female sex enhancementTaking Volupta results in normalized fat metabolism along with stable weight loss, decrease and stabilization of blood pressure, restoration of the immune system, better function of endocrine glands, including thyroid and pancreatic gland, liver and adrenal glands, improvement of sleep patterns and increased vitality.

Volupta ingredientsPregnancy is a contraindication for taking Volupta. Avoid getting any amount of the product into eyes.

qualityThe quality of Volupta is confirmed by six FDA licenses issued by the government.

consumer productVolupta is a consumer product rather than medication. You do not need a prescription or a doctor’s visit to be able to use it.

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